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2016-04-10 13.57.23Bhani is slowly coming to terms with her success and accepts the fact that she is rather enjoying the ride. It was testing the waters with her first cookbook, not realizing it’ll take off on a global scale, with so many good wishers around the globe and encouragements for more, Bhani has finally put together her Series Two of Simple and Easy Healthy Indian Cookbook. As a young business entrepreneur and mother of two boys, she loves to cook, feed and eat as well so you will find all her effortless, trouble-free favorite recipes in this cookbook which she has been cooking for past many years! Suresh, Bhani’s husband and Trishal and Aditya her sons, concurs that she has always kept cooking highly Simple and Easy. Bhani Mani is set to also unveil a non-fiction literature based on facts shortly this year!


My Dear Maharaji, thank you so very much for your invaluable time and input towards my cookbook project. As per your suggestions, I’ve included your Bhindi Sabji, Khichri and condensed milk Kheer recipes in this cookbook.

A heart full of Gratitude…

I would like to acknowledge someone very special in my life: the respected international speaker, the Ambassador of Peace; Mr Prem Rawat, whose effort to share a message of peace is amazing. Prem speaks from his heart, bringing simplicity to important issues that have touched my life in an extremely great way. His goal is to offer his message of peace to everyone. Check it out at http:// www.wopg.org 

Chickpea and Eggplant curry